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1. WooTalks: Everything about 1-on-1 approach.

2. ESCOFi: Everything about making her love you more than anything.

3. TheDAVIDO Fuck Guide: Everything about being great in bed like a legend.

4. ChatDicted 1.0: Everything about chatting like a pro.

4.2. ChatDicted 2.0: The advanced version of 1.0.

4.3. ChatDicted 3.0: The LES version (Lots of WhatsApp screenshots of iLegend ChatDicting different women with explanations).

5. Lasticle: Everything about naturally curing premature ejaculation and lasting long in bed.

6. Erecticle: Everything about curing erectile dysfunction naturally.

7. FemaleSextapes: Everything about holding a conversation for as long as you want.

# Humor Code: All the secrets you need to develop your sense of humor.

# Eye Confidence: All about mastering the secret of building confidence with eye contact and wink.

# Mr. Friendzone: All about escaping friend zone and getting the woman you want.

# Mrs. Vicky: All about keeping a relationship going like a good-bad guy.

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Click: DOWNLOAD ChatDicted 1.0 for Free!
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