For those who want to learn everything about women, bedroom skills, confidence building, and male self-development privately, apply for a token.

1. One Month Mentorship ₦10,000.00. [$28.00]
2. Two Months Mentorship ₦16,000.00. [$45.00]
3. Three Months Mentorship ₦20,000.00. [$56.00]
4. Four Months Mentorship ₦24,000.00. [$67.00]
5. Five Months Mentorship ₦28,000.00. [$78.00]
6. Six Months Mentorship ₦30,000.00. [$83.00]

Consultation fee ₦2,000.00. [$6.00]

To book your private class, contact +2347015463626 via text message. The above is the cheapest price you can get. No hidden charges. No addition, no subtraction. It's fixed.

This is only for serious clients. We know you're serious, so take the bold steps today and you'll never regret your investment with us.

To apply, text your

Join to Start +2347015463626

The opening of your text message should bear "Clef Private Class (CPC)."

To know our clients' seriousness, ₦2,000.00 consultation fee will be requested upon your first message. Failure to do this means the client is not ready yet.
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We wish you the best as you work on becoming a better man, unlike most men who don't care about handling this crucial part of their lives. See you on the other side.