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I met this fine girl

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:10 am
by Kalat
I was about entering a class when I saw a slim sleek lady who entered b4 me. I wanted to talk to her but when I saw my coursemate i went to him and we gisted. The lady then went out and came back and then after 2 mins another gal came to the class more hotter than the former. She went and sat near the First gal and they started gisting.
I went to the last sit and sat where me and the hot lady will be looking at each other. I then made strong eye contact with her (abt 3 secs) she had to break the eye contact first. After then i didn't made any eye contact again i continue reading for some minutes only for her to leave her friend and came and sat down @ the seat b4 me.(dis gal is looking 4 trouble i said in my mind).
Two of my coursemates came into the class, the funny thing is that i don't know one of them located me in the lecture hall instantly when I am sitting at the last sit. Or may b he saw me sitting close to a fine gal. He came and sat down close to me and was complaining abt the paper we will write the next day(15 different handout) that before he will finish reading he will have brain stretchmark. The lady in front was using style to laugh. She continued until he left to the front seat .
It then baned on me to use this opportunity to talk to her. I started contemplating what to say then a voice told me ask her to spell the word "because", she smiled n spelled it, she then added that is it exams dat cause it said yes.
(Do beautiful ladies have time to Read at all? Cos guys were busy calling her as i was talking to her) . I asked her which she was, she told me n den ask for mine. When I told her she said hmm she has met those who their course is tougher. She then ask me for my level after enquiring hers. I told her i am in 800L ,she laf hard den she picked anoda call. On turning my back, anoda of my coursemate came to say hi. I began to think may b they r jst coming so that they will use me as leverage to talk to her(while in 100L talkin to a hot lady, one of my coursemate came n was unnecessarily hailing me n was smiling incessantly) . After he went back, I told her i am a masters student after she was tru wit her call. She tried to guess my level bt i refuse.
Suddenly a guy came into d class went n talk to her friend. She den call him. He came n sat near her n dats it. The guy was just busy talking to her (from observation i guess he is her classmate)i just continue my reading.
Someone called her she picked up the call and after talking she went out, she was outside for long. Usually i don't like reading for hours so i took a break only 4 me to com out n say her talking to 2 guys. I walked passed her, had a fresh air n came back. After a long time she came back then went out again till 10:30pm. She came with snacks she went to her friend ate den later came back to her seat. When it was 11pm my roomie came n met me n wen he saw her friend he was admiring her (she is not as beautiful as my target) i told her i was going, I told her that she is a guru after she told me she will do TDB. (dis kind gal guys too dey rush dem). When me n my roomie went home i told him abt d gal bt they guy was like, he prefered her friend over her cos he dont want a gal guys will be rushing.
Day 2
5days later when I entered the same class to enquire something from my coursemate after Brief ASUU strike i saw her. I just went to him talked n continue reading n when I was finding difficulty in assimilation i decided to go home. I then met her, she remembered me immediately i ask her where she is from dat she has small eyes lyk Japanese. She was shocked and then went ahead to tell me her tribe, even that of her paternal n maternal grandparents( see how i made her talk abt her by askin indirectly). We then spoke abt the strike i then told her i am feeling tired i av to go n watch film,She smiled bt was suprised wen i told her dat she i av exams d nxt day. She also had hers d nxt day although hers was in mrnin, wen she had mine was afternoon she said dat i better go dat i av enuf time unlike her. I actually went n watch Films after i left d class
Day 3
After 3days , I was sittin @ d front of class (chair n table for lecturers). She came n wen we made of eye contact change her direction, den turn towards me again n wen i wave @ her she asked if d class have Light(i switch den earlier since it was nt dark, arnd 5:50). I noticed she use glasses when reading. I stood up n switch it on, she smiled n said it is better. As usual, most pple comin into d class knw me ,we greeted n 1 tin i lyk abt d seat is dat i am facing every 1, I can look @ all d Pretty ladies. I noticed she keep looking 2wards my direction(may b cos is cos i sat in front like a lecturer). When I finish reading by 9pm as i was plannin on meetin her, 1 yeye Boy has bin eyein her he jst use sense to first we talk 2 her. After he left n den stand up from my seat to meet her only 4 anoda nonsense boy to go n B talking to her i had to pretend as if i wanted 2 meet a friend. After he left i added 10 mins b4 approaching her.
I touch her hair n pretend i was tryin to remov somtin from her hair, wen i told her i saw som1 she nearly freak out cos she was askin me exactly where. She was calt wen i told her i removed it (naso fine gal care much abt their appearance (by d way nothing was on her hair).
I then told her i like her hair bt unfortunately is nt hers, she smiled. I den ask her do Africans have short hair. She was Trying to explain bt i keep rejectin her explanation, I den ask y pple we r dark in complexion we were just arguing (she is a biology student). I den left her to talk to others including ladies. While leaving d class i came to her side n said biologist, she den smiled, den i left.
Day 4
I saw her on sunday, during final year student sentforth n b4 i am looking rush tt meet her she disappeared into tin air. As i was tryin to get a glimpse of her, I saw her at my far right with a guy, den she finish talking to d guy as i was coming closer, she went n sat @ a bench in d middle of alot of people. I just forgot abt dat. I went i ate food, dat day i was just purging at night. I don't joke with food.
Oya @Answermachine, com n analyse n tell me the lesson to Learn n wat i did right. [list=][/list]

Re: I met this fine girl

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:56 am
by AnswerMachine

Re: I met this fine girl

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:21 am
by AnswerMachine
Your game is tight, your interaction is good. You are not showing any sign of neediness towards her. Though, within you, you need her.

Since lots of guys are showing interest in her, it's going to psychologically make you love and invest in her.

So, you are in trouble. Whenever you see a more handsome around her, you'll become angry.

This anger will make you love her more and you'll start acting desperate without knowing it. Women can spot it easily.


1. Move her to chat and start acting as her boyfriend.
2. Look for her trouble. Give her a troublesome and naughty pet name.
3. Don't invest love or put your hope in her.
4. Start going into naughty talk or chat with humor.
5. Use other girls to make her jealous, especially her best friend or any prettier girl.
6. Use FemaleSextapes to create more rapport.
7. Escalate or be friendzoned.

Note: Being "plainly" humorous doesn't make a woman fall in love, but in like. When a woman likes you, she can easily dislike you.

Here is the secret: Being humorously naughty is what makes a woman fall in love with a man.

Now, to make her fall madly in love, be smart, stubborn, challenging, troublesome, fun, crazy, focused, mysterious, unpredictable, and confident.

Having money or being handsome is only an added bonus if you have them. If you don't, no problems as long as you possess the above.

When a woman falls madly in love, she'll hardly hate you for too long when you misbehave. One of the reasons women always go back to their jerk ex-boyfriends or cheat on their new good boyfriend with their ex-good-bad guy boyfriend.

If you can't be humorously naughty, start treating her as your girlfriend from the start, and escalate, then be ready to be friendzone.

Read Mr. Friendzone if you want to learn how.