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My female neighbor

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 1:03 am
by Kalat
My female neighbor
There is this girl that we met since 100L but I never took her serious she was staying with a woman from my mother's side(more like a grand aunty). She was excited n hailing me cos of my aunty told her I was a first class student. I was kinda attracted to her but nothing serious.
Till recently we stay in the same compound off campus. She told me that she tot I was quiet until she saw the way I talked with confidence with my roommate n others . It wasn't long that she started , calling me sweetheart. Her mum once came n she told her I am her Swthrt. In fact, I once told her to give me a good luck kiss for my test and she gladly did. My roommates behave nice and obedient, I was the stubborn one. She once told me to unplug heater for her I refuse, her roommate told me to help her iron her clothes I refuse she said I am not a gentle man. She told me help her iron twice I refused . They will send my other roommate except me.
That was the time I first come to know about game. I gave her challenges, n Kip tellin her how oda gals are attracted to me. Dis began to spike her interest n she was askin if I had a girl
frnd but as usual neva gave her a direct ans.I told her how can she ask a handsome guy like me with six packs if he has Gf.
One day while sitting outside she came with razor blade and cut my finger and toe nails so I decided to repay her the favor. One day I told her there was something on her face but use the opportunity to give her peck, I then ran. Some days later I stand outside the way she was looking at me I can sense this girl like me, I told her this one you are looking me like this haven't you seen a handsome guy b4, she laff like 2moro no dey. One I told her how comes her tummy is flat what happened to our first born son, she laf ehn. Sometimes I will look for trouble anytime she wants to take her bath I will tell her let's go n take our baths. Sometimes if I sit down she will come n sit on my laps. If she wants something from me she will be begging cos she knows I'm stubborn. She once bought recharge card for me, I chop her money o.(being broke made me get sense 4 dis world).
I once told her I am tired and weak n can't wash my clothes n told her to help me wash to my greatest surprise she washed my clothes, although she asked me of detergent. Her roommate started saying dat dis 1 she is washing my clothes, dat soon we will me excusing my roommate n b making lov (I guess she is jealous). I made her wash my clothes ,Infact I have never called her wit my Airtym she has been d 1 calling. What do you have to say about investment? cos I think a girl investing in me can increase attraction.
One day I was waiting for her to finish bathing but she delayed. When she came out I told her is she giving birth to our first born child that she delayed. Another time I told her she has big bum bum she then smile n as she was going I said shake that bom bom, she then smile and call me bad boy.
I was unpredictable, playing hard to get n was always accusing her of falling In luv n even told her to pay my groom price n b fast abt it cos another girl may chance her with me using cocky and funny(she can't contain her laughter), all this in front of her Bf n he was laffin . Lately she has started saying that I'm a fun guy to b wit dat she likes my character.
After she resumed from d Easter break, she came to my room around 5 a.m(my room mate open d door for her while I was sleeping ). She just came n slept on my bed she end up waking me up.
I cracked her up by saying she missed me so much dat she can't wait to see me wen day break. So she was surprised dat I never called her after she went 4 d break , n dat wen she called I didn't pick n never bothered to call her back, dat we are going to fight . Bt I gave d lame excuse dat I was busy n she was like even her. Lately I feeling kind of bored cos I ain't missing her.Yea I tried being unavailable, went out didn't come back n even switched my phone off. This girl seriously became worried even send some of my friends to come look for me.
But women ain't loyal. This girl is really in love with me, she does whatever I say while she still got a boyfriend. She once started playing music and started dancing she den came to me and was telling us to dance. One as music was playing she came n was rocking me, I was just wearing briefs and has my tin begin dey rise I stop o b4 I injure somebody (lol).
Applied this Drills on her and she can't just get enuf. But recently, when her boyfriend came she had introduced me again as her sweet heart( although I didn't giv her any name) . When he left I threw up d challenge that she as to impress me,dats if she wanna b My sweet hrt she has to pay my groom price. She was like I'm the one supposing to do dat. Last year she broke up with her boyfriend.

I left the compound dis year(due to some reasons), when she came back from IT she was not happy I left, she said she misses me (I miss her too) that my former roommate are men not guys. We will meet n hug each other, she will always be touching me. She started calling me former sweetheart. During her last paper, I signed on her shirt on top her boobs. She just graduated a month ago and her roommate. I'm in 500L now.

Re: My female neighbor

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 5:39 pm
by AnswerMachine

Re: My female neighbor

Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 9:38 pm
by charagher
U see,dats what i am saying.u always avoid escalation. The question is,what do u want.