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I'm a Lady and My Parents Don't Like My Boyfriend Who Wants to Marry Me [+]

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:13 am
by 96_elle
I'm a female aged 22 ,I have been dating this guy for a year hes 24 years,he want to marry me soo fast and my parents are still supporting me to study further coz i studied at college bt still i cant find the job and my parents don't even like him coz they say he's uneducated ,and i love this guy bt I'm confused coz my father told me that I wont support u as u get married, and it's seems like I'm unfaithful to My guy what should I do coz my parents are really angry about my bf

Re: Marriage and studying

Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:55 am
by AnswerMachine
Though, we're more focused on helping men, but we have solutions for all. So, we'll answer you.

1. I'm a female, age 22. I have been dating this guy for a year. He's 24 years.


Perfect age bracket.

2. He wants to marry me so fast and my parents are still supporting me to study further because I studied at College, but still, I can't find a job.


Is he financially stable? If yes, good. You will find a job soon. Keep trying.

3. And my parents don't even like him because they said he's uneducated.


Bad! It happens a lot. Parents always want to protect their children and find the perfect match, but don't know the person who will wear the trouser at last needs to do the selection of what will fit him or her. Even if a man didn't go to school, as long as he's smart with business or technical skill, he's great.

4. I love this guy, but I'm confused because my father told me he won't support us as we get married.


I love this guy, I love this girl is always the most common theme. It's good to know the root of the love. Is it because he's good in bed? Is it because he's kind? Is it because he's adventurous? Is it because he's humble? Is it because he's a naughty bad boy?

Is it because he has sense of humor? Is it because he's faithful? Is it because he's tall? Is it because he's fit? Is it because he's cute? Is it because he's rich? Or is it because he's lovely?

If being business savvy, good in bed, and kind are not on the list why you love him, it will be better to listen to your parents.

5. It seems I'm unfaithful to my guy.


We know! Everyone is unfaithful nowadays. Do you know if he's also unfaithful? If he is, then the relationship is not built on trust.

If he's faithful or appears faithful, change and be faithful too. If you don't change and he catches you, it's the end. He'll be hurt and will never want to see you again. Be loyal.

6. What should I do because my parents are really angry about my boyfriend?


Since they're the one sponsoring you, listen to them, else, follow your instinct. Do you know the love you have for him is just ordinary because of the word "unfaithful?"

What is making the love strong is the drama. The drama of your parents not liking him and the emotion losing something evokes. No one wants to lose.

There is something strange about the psychology of loss. When something we didn't cherish that much at first is about slip away, we instantly develop likeness or love towards it.

Check if it's just emiotional loss defence that's making you stay rigid on your boyfriend's side. For being unfaithful at the early stage, listen to your parents. Amend and listen to them. Better things will always come your way.

Unfortunately, this trying moment is when you'll even love him more. As I earlier said, it's the psychology of loss. When you're about to lose something, you value it more. Don't fall for it — you're young.

Ask questions if you have.